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You may be asking the question, “Can I use Miro for project management?” Our answer would be a resounding, YES. This article shares why the tool is great for this kind of work, when to use it, how to use it, and important considerations for implementation.

Product Management
Can Miro Be Used for Product Management?
Brooke Purvis
Jul 10, 2024

When running virtual workshops, Miro or MURAL* should primarily be used as a presentation tool rather than a collaboration tool. In this blog, I will unpack why this is my conviction and provide a framework that will equip any facilitator, project manager, or leader of any virtual meeting or workshop to determine just how collaborative to make their virtual whiteboard experience.

Product Management
The Dangers of Virtual Workshops (And the Framework That Makes Them Exceptional)
Nov 16, 2021

Alison (Group Director & PdM) has found ways to stay focused & leverage her ADHD within her role as a product manager. She's sharing her insights in this blog.

Product Management
Being a Product Manager with Adult ADHD
Alison Stark
Feb 18, 2021

Here are 6 reasons why entrepreneurs make for great product managers, and why you might want to become an “Entrepreneur Product Manager."

Product Management
6 Reasons Entrepreneurs Make for Great Product Managers
Feb 11, 2021

As a Coach at Crema, one of my primary responsibilities is to facilitate workshops. Sometimes they’re week-long Design Sprints or 2-day-long engagement kickoffs, other times they’re a 3–5-hour long reprioritization session or strategic summit. Regardless of the workshop, it’s my job as a facilitator to prepare an agenda that points towards a specific purpose—every single exercise must move us one step closer towards that goal.

Product Management
It’s Not Monty Python: You’re the Facilitator, You Stop the Scene
Oct 19, 2020

Product managers know – or a have likely heard – that psychological safety is an important element to their jobs. The concept has risen in popularity over the past several years as organizations are focusing ever more intently on culture and the work environment. But what does it mean or look like in practice for product managers? What’s the real value of psychological safety?

Product Management
Fostering Psychological Safety & Constant Improvement as a Product Manager

Learn when to create an agile working agreement, how to create an agile working agreement, and what happens after the agreement is made. Keep your team aligned!

Product Management
How to Create an Agile Team Working Agreement

Crema Senior Product Manager Michael Luchen shares what he thinks is the future of product management. Hint: Expect process and tooling to take a backseat.

Product Management
The Future of PM: Process Takes a Backseat
Dec 13, 2019

Learn about who sets the definition of done in an Agile Product Team, including how each craft team contributes and where the role of the client plays in.

Product Management
Who Sets the Definition of ‘Done’ in an Agile Product Team?
Dec 3, 2019

Looking for more efficient ways to manage projects or teams in agency life? We’ve talked to our team of experienced product managers to learn more about the best tools and methodologies to lead cross-functional teams and keep everyone on pace with your product’s strategy. This article will discuss some of those top resources with pointers on how to most effectively use them.

Product Management
The Best Prioritization Tools & Methods for Product Managers
Julie Branson
Nov 22, 2019

Innovation has become a major buzzword in product culture and the tech industry. The most innovative companies or teams are the best, right? Well, maybe not. We're taking a look at how the continual drive to innovate may have undesirable impacts on the best way to build products.

Product Management
How Agile Kills Innovation
Alison Stark
Nov 14, 2019

Learn why Atomic Habits by James Clear is such a great book to help product teams to develop consistent habits that keep the project moving forward.

Product Management
Atomic Habits for Product Teams: A Book Review of Atomic Habits
Jul 22, 2019

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