Occidental Management Chooses Crema for Aspiria Tech Partner

Occidental Management Chooses Crema for Aspiria Tech Partner

Julie Branson
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Crema – a digital product agency headquartered in Kansas City, MO – is Occidental Management Inc.’s chosen partner for developing and integrating cutting-edge technology across the expansive Aspiria corporate campus.

The sprawling 207-acre property located in Overland Park, KS is currently in the process of being transformed into a vibrant, live-work-play destination. The Aspiria ecosystem will include substantial office and retail space, and multi-family apartments with services, restaurants, entertainment, and more.

Occidental Management and Crema are working together to create a fully digitally connected experience with a human-first approach that will connect Aspiria’s tenants to the robust amenities on the property. The app will offer added benefits by allowing one-step online food ordering, conference center reservations, fitness center classes, and more.

Thoughtful design will be fundamental in supporting public spaces and community activities. The partnership between Occidental Management and Crema has brought innovative technology to help establish a vibrant community and enhance the customer experience and productivity at Aspiria.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Occidental Management to bring together the future of work and the future of living in this historic development. We can’t wait to connect the digital experience to the physical place so that Aspiria’s residents can flourish in this amazing environment.” - George Brooks, Founder & CEO of Crema

“Crema’s innovative and strategic approach adds horsepower to Aspiria’s leading-edge development. Their value goes beyond technical expertise – they are truly an extension of our team, providing a cohesive and strategic solution to our technology needs.” - Chelsea Burns, Occidental Management Marketing Director

Our first phase of work together was to design an intuitive mobile app for employees and visitors to explore and navigate their way through the expansive corporate campus. Next, we’re working to integrate the schedule of events for people to stay connected with what’s happening at Aspiria.

Last updated
Oct 16, 2023

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