SPMI Partners with Crema to Begin a Complete Digital Transformation

SPMI Partners with Crema to Begin a Complete Digital Transformation

Julie Branson
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Crema – a digital product agency headquartered in Kansas City, MO – has been chosen by Strat Property Management Inc. (SPMI) to help carry out the first phases of a complete digital transformation of their core business processes.

SPMI is a real estate company based in San Diego, California focused on self storage and multifamily development, ownership, and management. They own and manage over 5,230,000 rentable square feet of storage space across 74 facilities in the U.S.

Long term, SPMI plans to automate several manual processes for maximal operational efficiency. The MVP product will be a smart dashboard that applies business logic to the data their facility management software is already collecting.

Having an easy-to-digest, live view of the portfolio health across all of their facilities will enable them to quickly react to changes in key metrics like occupancy percentages, prior year income, move in vs. move out ratios, and more. The ROI of reactionary operations and the elimination of human error is expected to be tremendous.

“Our roots as a traditional real estate company run very deep and as we have grown so has our need for technology. We thought we could provide our solutions in-house and have spent a lot of money finding out we could not. When we began vetting possible partners for our digital transformation, we realized that there are many niche tech companies to choose from, but there is only one Crema. The entire process is extremely impressive. The vision we are building is broad and wide reaching.” - Donald Clauson, CEO of SPMI

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Last updated
Nov 7, 2022

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