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Design Sprints at Crema

At one point or another, every team experiences these frustrations: You feel stuck, you’re lacking vision, you’ve lost sight of the user’s true needs, or you simply need to flesh out some new ideas. For those times, a Design Sprint may be the boost you’ve been waiting for!

A Design Sprint is a rapid, facilitated set of custom exercises that identifies key pain points, ideates solutions, and validates actionable next steps. Created by Google Ventures in 2015, a Design Sprint combines the best-of-the-best aspects of design thinking, business leadership, social psychology, and problem solving.

Common ways of moving forward often fail to meet expectations. Internally-run sessions, solving problems in isolation, or assigning one person to ‘figure it out’ doesn’t always get to the root of the issue. A Design Sprint, however:

With the support of Crema’s dedicated team of experienced practitioners, we’re confident this format will bring out the best in your team.

“Had we not done a Design Sprint with Crema, this process would have taken us a month or two, and the quality of the output would have definitely suffered.”

Michael Anton, Sr. Product Manager, R&D

Whether it’s a 2-week Sprint with two user flows and two rounds of user-testing, or a three day Design Sprint to map problems & potential solutions, we’ll figure out the best sprint for your team, together.

Planning alongside your team, we’ll design a tailored process to fit your project’s unique needs. Though the “by the book” Sprint is 5 days and the “2.0 Design Sprint” is 4 days, your team’s Design Sprint will be custom crafted, orchestrated, and executed to get you the results to move your team forward.

If you want to solve your problems fast, get the most out of your team, and receive user validation, schedule a 15-minute consultative call!

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