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Design Sprints at Crema

Are you struggling to make a concrete decision with a team that can’t seem to align? Are you looking for a way to move forward that minimizes risk and condenses months of back-and-forth meetings, emails, and phone calls? There’s a 4 day experience that will get you there, and it’s called a Design Sprint.

Design sprints combine the best-of-the-best aspects of design thinking, business leadership, social psychology, and problem solving. Issues like team alignment, user validation, and risk mitigation normally take about 5-6 weeks to unpack. We do it in 4 days.
Day 1


Map out a problem, pick a place to focus, and sketch ideas on paper.
Day 2


Vote on an idea and make decisions to turn it into a testable hypothesis.


A Crema designer will hammer out a high-fidelity prototype.
day 4


We’ll put the final designs in front of your users to test the hypothesis.
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