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At Crema, we build design systems that allow your product teams to move quickly and confidently by providing consistent solutions to common situations. That way, your product managers, designers, and developers can focus on unique, high-leverage aspects of the product.

These interconnected, modular and flexible systems take into account your brand, business processes, and suite of products to provide a holistic experience among new, existing, and growing products.

How design systems help a product team


Ensure a consistent user experience across all products & platforms when your organization is scaling.


Use your design value as a competitive advantage and enable your designers to spend more time creating unique, highly-valuable solutions.


Minimize design debt and deliver at faster rates with a pre-built library of reusable elements and components.  

Our process

We’ll begin with a strategy & alignment session to create a shared understanding around your product, organization, and challenges your team might face planning & the prioritizing next steps. Then, we’ll perform a UI content audit of your digital ecosystem, so we’ll know the functionality of your product to jump into the design and development planning phase.
Step 1

Concept & System Buildout

As we continue to build out key interactions & design screens for a meaningful prototype, we’ll work to generate a design system along the way.
Step 2

Real-world Validation & Testing

Establish a system that quickly answers questions and fulfills most design needs. Enable designers to spend more time on unique, highly-valuable design solutions. Use your design value as a competitive advantage.
Step 3

Developer & Iteration Support

As our developers begin implementing the system, we’ll help assess new criteria and the consistency of the application of designs.
Pyramid of blocks


We created a single design system to define Solarhood’s unique product branding. Their design system provides initial brand direction, brand logo, iconography and brand guidelines.

Parallel lines


A labeled, layered, and fully modifiable Sketch resource to help you design high-quality prototypes for Garmin applications. Create exceptional Garmin watch apps with this guide.

Parallel lines


Developing a Design System for a Healthcare Credentialing Product Suite.

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