There are 5 ways to get your app built.


There are several different paths to consider when assessing your product development options. In our experience, there are five –each with varying costs and responsibilities. Let's break it down.

Option 1

The first and least expensive way to get your app or technology built is to learn to code.  You can do it!

Option 2

The second option to build an app is to use offshore, nearshore or overseas development. This is a cost saving option, but there can be alignment issues.

Option 3

The third option involves hiring contractors and freelancers. This takes project management and organization to bring people together around your idea.

Option 4

The fourth option is to hire your own product team. This requires work to create a culture and get people excited about your idea, but the longterm payoff is a dedicated team.

Option 5

The fifth and final option to get your app off the ground is to hire a product agency. The quality and speed is worth it.

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