Office & Hospitality Coordinator

We’re looking for a friendly, caring, and fun-loving person to join our Operations team. The Crema Office & Hospitality Coordinator ensures that our office is welcoming to clients, visitors, and Crema employees. This person maintains a hospitality mindset and continually seeks to enhance our culture of celebration. They are also highly professional and dependable, organized, and show respect for discretion when necessary.


What you'll do

  • Plan and facilitate virtual events year-round for 50+ attendees
  • Manage our team celebration calendar (hybrid events whenever possible), including all-team virtual events on Zoom, in-person team events in Kansas City, volunteer opportunities, and more
  • General Purchasing & Inventory for the office (supplies, equipment, food/beverage, swag)
  • Physical office tidying between scheduled cleanings
  • Keep the plants alive
  • Prep morning coffee
  • Coordinate any facilities maintenance needs
  • Hospitality for internal & external stakeholders, including all-team catering, client and visitor hospitality, assisting with onboarding, and coordinating community events hosted in the office
  • Coordinate gifting opportunities including annual holiday gifting, and assisting the team with client and other gifting
  • Work to consistently elevate the employee experience at Crema and our culture of celebration
  • Events communications strategy aimed to maximize engagement/attendance
  • Continuously seek out ways to improve the quality of Crema experience for our team and clients
  • Foster a people-oriented internal culture
  • Create opportunities for team members to connect in authentic and fun ways
  • Work to create processes and organization within this role that will easily scale as our headcount grows
  • Assist with annual budgeting for relevant purchasing categories

Who knew that creating a scalable platform for operational excellence could be so much fun?!
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Your Knowledge

  • You have experience with: data entry, mailing and receiving packages, and scheduling (highly preferred)
  • You have experience planning office / social events

Your Skills

  • You are a strategic thinker and have superior time management skills
  • You can maintain a consistently positive work environment, infused with intention to delight and support our team
  • You have a mindset and approach that puts inclusivity of all team members (local & distributed) top of mind and anticipates the needs of others
  • You have strong written, verbal and non-verbal communication

Your Abilities

  • You are able to communicate in a professional manner with clients and employees
  • You are open to giving and receiving feedback
  • You can learn from and teach others
  • You are detail-oriented
  • You are a self-starter
  • You are empathetic

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