Test Engineer

Focusing on risk assessment and rigorous product usage, the test engineer works to ensure the technology delivered aligns with your expectations and your end users' usability needs at the highest level of quality. The test engineer works with you to distill your analytics and business processes into a plan that allows high-caliber features to be delivered regularly, with minimal defects.


Reasonable  accommodations  may  be  made  to  enable  individuals  with  disabilities  to  perform  the  following  essential  functions.  

  • Write and execute functional, exploratory, and regression test plans
  • Implement automated testing where applicable
  • Perform cross-platform testing on browsers and devices
  • Provide ongoing support including reporting, replicating, and verifying defects and defect fixes
  • Advise on testability and accessibility of designs and user stories
  • Collaborate with product team members and stakeholders
  • Provide assistance on special projects, tasks, and other duties as assigned
"I love working on Project Teams at Crema. They have a variety of roles on each team, but everyone is equal and accountable which makes it easy to get things done."
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Your Knowledge

  • You understand the philosophy around User Experience (UX) and how to test applications with regards to its usability.
  • You know about industry best practices
  • You have an understanding of the software development life cycle as well as the business approach for the product

Your Skills

  • Experience implementing test plans, automation, and validation strategies
  • Experience with JavaScript or Test Automation is a plus, but not required
  • Version Control (Git)
  • Experience using multiple devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. You should feel comfortable installing apps and troubleshooting issues
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills with the ability to align a team towards a common goal

Your Abilities

  • You are open to giving and receiving feedback
  • You can learn from and teach others
  • You have the ability to prioritize tasks appropriately
  • You value collaborative problem-solving
  • You are passionate about following best practices and actively look for ways to improve
  • You enjoy and practice keeping up-to-date with industry trends
  • You are curious and inquisitive, willing to ask 'what if I did this?'

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Test Engineering