Test Engineer

Crema Test Engineers are instrumental in ensuring that all of our digital products are thoroughly tested and represent the highest level of quality. Crema is passionate about creating products that are beautiful, useful, and easy to use. A Crema Test Engineer will have that same passion and the necessary drive and skills to make sure all products made at Crema are delivered with excellence.

Reasonable  accommodations  may  be  made  to  enable  individuals  with  disabilities  to  perform  the  following  essential  functions.  

  1. Serve  alongside  all  team  members  of  Crema,  attending  and  participating  in  team  meetings  as  needed.  
  2. Work  closely  with  other  members  of  the  Production  team  to  conceptualize,  design,  and  fully  execute  all  projects  at  Crema.  
  3. Work  closely  with  the  Production  team  to  develop  and  execute  end-to-end  testing  plans.
  4. Work  with  all  Crema  team  members  to  stay  current  on  UX  and  Technology  trends  and  "think  differently".  
  5. Research  and  implement  quality  assurance  best  practices  in  a  consistent  and  holistic  manner.
  6. Responsible  for  implementing  automated  testing  services,  writing  and  maintaining  software  regression  tests,  and  communicating  quality  issues  to  all  stakeholders.
  7. Provide  excellent  customer  service  to  all  Crema  stakeholders,  both  internal  and  external.
  8. Participate  in  discovery  and  strategy  sessions  with  the  Client  and  internal  team  members  as  needed.  
  9. Provide  assistance  on  special  projects,  tasks,  and  other  duties  as  assigned.

"I love working on Project Teams at Crema. They have a variety of roles on each team, but everyone is equal and accountable which makes it easy to get things done."
product team presentation

2 to 4 years of proven experience in quality assurance or software testing, and the following:

  1. Creating a scalable testing plan that can be duplicated across multiple client projects
  2. Writing and executing functional and regression test plans
  3. Implementing automated testing where applicable
  4. Performing cross-platform testing on browsers and device

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Test Engineering