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Design Sprint

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Scorebot, a unique, free SlackApp that makes everyday Slack conversations a company-wide competition, had a problem. They had a team dedicated to V3.0, but they still weren’t totally sure what direction they wanted their app to go. Was Scorebot an HR solution to evaluate team morale? Was it a fun culture-add that made the workplace more fun? Was it something the team hadn’t yet considered? And, above all… would people pay to use it?

Enter the Design Sprint.

The team decided the following as their Long Term Goal and Sprint Question to answer during the Design Sprint:

  • Long Term Goal: In 2 Years Time, we want Scorebot to be making $100K revenue/yr with a
  • Sprint Question: Can we find the right set of features that people will actually pay for?

Business challenges hindering growth

When Crema connected with the founder of ProfessionalChats, Scott Hansen, they were a small business with explosive growth. The business had strong month-over-month sales, but the technology they used to start the business was not holding up to the rising demand put on the system and their team. In order to bolster support for growth and defend their position in the market, the ProfessionalChats team entrusted Crema to help solve many of their technology challenges over several years of working together.

These technology improvements fell into three main categories:

Employee Workflow

  • Systems needed to be built that would empower employees to work more efficiently and accurately. This included being able to chat with several customers at the same time in separate business sectors and ensuring information was communicated accurately.

Customer Experience

  • The platform needed to improve customer experience and exceed customer expectations of service and business performance.
  • It needed to drive business to their customers by delivering warm leads.

Competitive Advantage

  • The new system needed to be proprietary to the company.
  • The platform needed to be built to scale and be HIPAA compliant to support growth into medical practices and doctors’ offices.
  • The new chat system needed to position the company as an innovative, high-growth leader in the industry and an attractive target for acquisition by a larger company.

Objectives and goals of the work

  • To rebuild the bootstrapped platform of off-the-shelf technology into a proprietary chat system capable of meeting the demands of their growing business while improving chat performance, scalability, HIPAA compliance, employee efficiency and accuracy, and improved customer experience.
  • All of these improvements would not happen overnight. Our team worked to prioritize the product development process to solve the largest challenges first, while supporting the day-to-day technical operations of growth for ProfessionalChats.
  • Concurrently, the teams needed to ensure that current customers did not lose any sense of value from the system. We worked closely on a transition plan from the old platform to the new, monitoring for performance and creating contingency plans.

“I was very skeptical of the whole thing… but the process spoke for itself, and I absolutely loved it. This would have easily been 6 months of meetings."

Product Owner

Scorebot Design Sprint Post Its



By the end of Monday morning, the team decided to limit the scope of the solution to the web-app portion of Scorebot, how users get there, and what happens when they do (Map & Set the Target).

Scorebot Design Sprint Whiteboard Drawing



On Tuesday morning, the team entered to see each of their solutions on the wall (Art Gallery). The ideas were amazing. From a whole new Scorebot universe to a Slack-only option, the team had created solutions that were unthinkable when the Design Sprint started. The team voted on which one to move forward with, and on Wednesday, our Designer got to work.

Scorebot Design Sprint Strategy and Alignment meeting



On Wednesday, our Designer got to work.

Scorebot Design Sprint User Testing Feedback Session



On Thursday, we held 4 user tests (one couldn’t show…). The users were a unique mix of HR professionals, university staff members, co-founders of software companies, and designers. Each one brought a new perspective to the table, and each had their own “aha!” moment. The university employee said that her team (who already used Scorebot) would love this update, because it would help them have more fun together. The HR professional said that being able to observe employee engagement and interactions without making people fill out a questionnaire would be a valuable tool. The co-founder said that Scorebot would help save his internal communication team several hours a week following up with teammates about whether they had or hadn’t read an internal memo.

The User Testing Observation Room was a joyous one, and the Scorebot Team was laughing and celebrating when each person said “we like these new features!” and “yeah, we would pay for this.”

Debriefing on Thursday afternoon, the Scorebot team was quick to say that “the process just works.” The team had pivoted their understanding of what people wanted, and the users unanimously responded, “we want it.”

Scorebot is currently developing V3.0, and is looking forward to providing more features soon.


An acquisition to remember

In late 2018, ProfessionalChats had been acquired by Portland, OR company Ruby Receptionists.

"The acquisition plays a strategic role in expanding Ruby’s ability to engage with customers through all different channels, including digital and online platforms. The addition of ProfessionalChats allows Ruby’s customers to seamlessly add online chat to their website, Facebook and Google listing." For the full press release, click here.

During this time, Crema continued to serve ProfessionalChats as normal while plans for integration began to form.

Integrating into Ruby Receptionists

After the acquisition in late 2018, Crema began working closely with Ruby Receptionists’ Chief Product and Technology Officer Katharine Nester, as well as their Director of Product Management, Dan Porter. Their goals to integrate ProfessionalChats software into their current platform are still underway.

“I walked in assuming I knew what was best. Then a switch in my brain flipped halfway through the Sprint. The users loved the new direction, and we haven’t looked back.”

CEO of Scorebot

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