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Prototype & Technical Plan in collaboration with 5 & 2 Studio

Prototyping & Testing


6 weeks

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Turning Retail Intelligence on Its Head

WorkSmart.ai is prepared to disrupt the retail intelligence sector. Traditionally, retailer POS data is the primary source of data being monetized in the market, but WorkSmart.ai identified that most retailers are not capturing their fair share of the revenue. As a data and intelligence monetization company, WorkSmart.ai helps businesses build a better data and intelligence ecosystem with their marketplace-as-a-service platform.

In April 2019, Crema and WorkSmart.ai set out to design and test the initial vision of the product, as well as identify a technical plan to bring the solution to market.

What sets WorkSmart.ai apart?

  • Founded by two industry leaders, WorkSmart.ai is the data monetization platform built for retail
  • The Creator Platform enables retailers to build smarter and deploy faster with tools and APIs that drive innovation
  • The Verified Marketplace gives suppliers the ability to discover, buy and stream verified intelligence products
  • This Marketplace-as-a-Service allows users to manage, monetize and scale data and intelligence assets
  • By connecting retail intelligence products & suppliers in one closed loop system, the process is quick, seamless and cost effective
  • WorkSmart.ai transforms data into monetized assets, unlocks new sources of revenue, and improves merchant-supplier collaboration

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Objectives of the engagement

In April of 2019, our teams set out on a 6 week engagement to:

  • Identify a product strategy and design that could prove out the concept, allure potential customers, and create a path for development
  • Test the product designs with real users to gather data & inform the product roadmap for the initial build of the product
  • Create a technical plan to accompany the product roadmap for the WorkSmart.ai platform

We needed a partner that could work fast and help us solve some complex design and technical challenges. Crema and 5&2 delivered. Our engagement helped move us forward and provided the framework we needed for a market-ready solution.

Paul Beahm III and Bret Koncak, Co-Founders of WorkSmart.ai

Strategic process

Strategy & Alignment

To begin, our teams came together for a Strategy & Alignment session that set the tone for the engagement. During this time, we went through a series of exploratory exercises to gain a shared understanding on:

  • Mission, vision, goals and objectives
  • The people involved and their roles, responsibilities, goals, pain points, and opportunities
  • Technical capabilities and desires

This session was conducted in order to optimize value to the customer and focus our engagement’s objectives. Once that was completed, our team was able to dive into creating the first round of prototype designs.  

Initial Design Creation

Crema and WorkSmart.ai collaborated over the duration of the engagement to design and iterate on a slick UI to draw potential buyers and investors to the platform. The marketplace is highly sophisticated and complex, which created a unique set of challenges from a user experience perspective. With the feedback collected from internal stakeholders and users, we landed on an impactful and user-centric flow for the platform.

Technical Planning & Documentation

After confidence had been established for the direction of the designs, our team partnered with 5 & 2 Studio to develop and define the necessary technical components required to build the WorkSmart.ai Marketplace. This was focused on unfolding how the WorkSmart.ai platform might best integrate with suppliers and BI Tools to ensure that the product direction is not only feasible, but methodically thought out prior to presenting the tool to potential users.

Insights behind the solution

This Intelligence Marketplace is a first of its kind. Research shows that spending on retail analytics will hit $5B in 2019, and is expected to grow to $9B by 2022. WorkSmart.ai identified that suppliers are overspending on analytics, insights and visualizations, while new, small and emerging suppliers are underserved with cost-prohibitive solutions. WorkSmart.ai aims to close that gap.

Our teams kicked off with development to map out all the components of this Marketplace-as-a-Service. Branding would also be critical during pitching and meetings with potential investors. During the initial sprint, we collaborated on UI guidelines, including the logo, logo mark, and iconography.

As the technical plan was developed, the team was focused on setting the product up for success – far beyond MVP. With our minds towards future releases of the product, we researched many different BI tools and third-party partners that would be necessary for WorkSmart.ai to scale. Ultimately, a comprehensive technical plan was delivered, which included system architecture, third-party platforms, cost analysis, and more.


Today, WorksSmart.ai is equipped with a professional brand, a modern clickable prototype, and a comprehensive technical plan that will act as a catalyst to pitch to potential investors and begin the development of their MVP.

WorkSmart.ai’s solution is powered by an innovative technical stack and end-to-end services that centralize creation, accelerate go-to-market, and generate new revenue at scale. You can learn more about WorkSmart.ai here.

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