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Product Management

Navigating time, people, process, and product.

A process for great products

Consistent, lightweight process empowers effective product development. We employ agile methodologies that are built upon our foundational values of trust and collaboration. Our processes are purpose-built enablers for our team members to perform their best work, both individually and as a team, together with you.


We view the relationship with our clients as an extension of our product team. We lean on you for your industry expertise to help align the business goals with the overall direction of the product. As part of our team, you’ll quickly notice that we don’t hold back any information that could influence the direction of the product. We believe that full transparency creates long lasting trust between us, our team members and your stakeholders, which ultimately leads to a product that fits the needs of your business, faster.

Intentional Results

Crema lives true to our results-based culture, which is central within Product Management. This intentional partnership and our constant collaboration allows us to deliver forward-driven results iteratively, regularly, and methodically. Your success is inevitably measured by your customers’ success, with the results we reach together.