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Episode 138

138: Navigating the Product Launch Maze with Ignition's AI Platform (ft. Karthik Suresh)

George interviews Karthik Suresh, co-founder of Ignition, a platform aimed at unlocking revenue opportunities by aligning product, marketing, and sales teams around new market initiatives. Karthik shares his background, including a transition from high-frequency trading to the tech industry, and his experiences at companies like Facebook. Ignition's goal is to help companies achieve a strong product-market fit and successful product launches by providing an AI-powered platform that guides users through the entire go-to-market process. Their discussion delves into the challenges of coordinating product launches, the importance of effective messaging and positioning, and how Ignition's AI technology assists in creating standardized go-to-market plans.

Show notes

People of Product is hosted by George Brooks and Dan Linhart.

The show is edited by Larissa McCarty.

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