Let our experts in front-end product development and design guide your Fintech product, taking your new idea or existing product to the next level with the aid of our UX-focused eye, Scrum-certified PMs and dedicated developers. With an over 90% client retention rate, our product teams know how to align with your goals and see your vision through quickly and to the highest quality.

During the time we worked together with a KC Fintech company, they were able to add on several key clients, successfully grow their product team, and raise $4M in their Series A round.

Crema has worked with Fintech clients to build APIs that can securely scale, accessed functionality required to build the next iteration of their platform, and helped clients starting from scratch to identify overall purpose, audience, business mode, and tech requirements. Whether you need help implementing a robo-advising functionality to your product, deploying multiple B2C payment options or adding Assets Under Management (AUM), our team can work alongside you to see your vision become a reality.

What are your pain points?

  • Your initial product was created overseas, and your legacy code is crumbling as you scale.
  • Processes are too manual, sucking time and resources that could be dedicated toward rapid growth.
  • Though you have developers on staff, you lack product managers that can keep the project aligned and moving forward.
  • You need to build additional enterprise and security features into your product, but your development team isn’t up-to-date on the latest regulations.

“The Crema team focuses the co-existence of creativity and critical-thinking in such a unique way that you are led to a better product than you first envisioned!”

-Matt Randerson, Church Engagement Specialist at Thrivent

Our Services

  • Priority Backlog Management & Development
  • Expert Product Experience Consulting
  • Scalability Services
  • Support Services
  • Account and Project Administration
  • Quality Assurance

Our Sample Process



  1. Finalize technical product requirements (integration, database mapping, application structure, etc).
  2. Create user stories, journey maps, and interaction experiences to clearly tell the story plan for each user and how they might interact with each experience within the digital product line.
  3. Create wireframes and storyboards to visually support the user stories for any interface in the next release.
  4. Full collaborative review of scope, features, user stories, and wireframes.
  5. Provide outcomes for initial phase of effort.
  6. Provide foreseeable roadmap plan and prioritization.
  7. Provide any materials created during discovery.
  8. Provide a finalized budget to client for the duration of the initial phase of the road map.


Design, development and execution

  • A central, prioritized backlog of items for development, testing, validation, discovery, and support that undergoes regular review between the Product Strategist and the Client. Cremalab's scheduled work can be quickly reprioritized to meet the needs of the Client.
  • A regular, bi-weekly meeting between the Product Strategist and the Client to review the top priority backlog items and their current status. In tandem with the expertise of the product development team at Cremalab, the Product Strategist will be able to offer objective, expert input into how items should be prioritized, in line with the Client's desired direction.
  • A regular, bi-weekly meeting of the product development team at Cremalab to estimate the effort of priority items in the backlog, to support the regular prioritization meetings between the Product Strategist and the Client.


Duration and price agreement (agile)

  • Customizing the service to create enterprise offerings
  • Decoupling the system to scale
  • White Label Offering
  • Improving the Ecosystem
  • Optimize for Scale & Recovery
  • Wordpress Marketing site redesigned to optimize customer growth
  • Reconcile payment with third-party systems
  • Create multiple accounts
  • Support 529 accounts

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