With so many project management solutions out there, it can sometimes be hard to evaluate how each tool can fit your team’s needs. No project management tool will ever do EVERYTHING you want it to, however, Ora gets really close.

One of the most critical features we look for when evaluating project management tools if how it can facilitate our production workflow. That means it needs to have features that are conducive to working in a scrum framework, but also still be flexible enough that it can handle less complex projects. Ora fits this bill for us! While they are a relatively new product on the market, they are gaining traction very quickly; and the best part, they listen to their users requests and turn them into features!

Ora allows us to pull together the entire product team. This includes all of our production roles of design, development, testing, strategy and product management.  We give our clients full and transparent access into all the tasks and activity that is driving their solution forward. They are a big part of our product team, and it's important they are not kept in the dark.

Some of our favorite aspects of Ora are:

Customizable workflows

  • While many of our projects run through a very similar process, there are always some slight nuances that something like customizable workflows can help facilitate better. Sometimes that includes assigning the Test Engineer to a task once it reaches‘Ready for Testing’, or sometimes it means that once a design task is done, it moves to another view for developers to take on.

Markdown support

  • Throughout the tool, they support Markdown. Markdown is essentially a quick way to format text without having to rely on various buttons to help you do the formatting. Once your learn the syntax, it’s much quicker than even using keyboard shortcuts.

Overall flexibility

  • You can make a very simple project, or make a very complex project with many rules and triggers. It’s up to you, and it’s easy to do. That’s not an easy accomplishment for a product like this. Jira is known for being highly customizable, but it takes a LOT of time to do that. This allows us to move quickly so we don’t have to waste time on things like configuration.

Guest Users

  • It’s important for us to ensure our clients can always see the work we’re doing. We’re not trying to hide anything. Ora has a concept of guest users, so we can give our clients access to view everything on the project. They can upvote and comment on any given issue to help influence the direction or even just ask questions.

Transparency of Roadmap

  • Ora makes their roadmap public, so you can upvote, comment and request additions to influence where the product goes. This is incredibly important to us, as often times we find there’s may be one or two features that would make things run every smoother, so we just request them an upvote them like crazy!

The most important part of any PM tool is the team behind it. We are constantly iterating on creating the best process to facilitate a successful product team. Interested in how we can help you with your product development? Drop us a note today and we’ll get back to you right away

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