Prototyping is the process of creating rapid fake experiences for the purpose of ideation and testing.  Rather than spending weeks or months building a specification document, then additional weeks or months designing, building, and releasing an app, a prototype allows you to quickly concept a solution to the problem you are trying to solve. By prototyping quickly, we can test and learn what works and what doesn’t.  This is the nature of every initial concept.  Pieces of it may be spot on, and other aspects way off base.  Without getting feedback from potential users early, we will have spent too much time creating the solution, only to find it was the wrong approach.

Crema prototypes usually take on two different types:

  1. Clickable Prototypes - These prototypes are a series of flat designs linked together by hotspots in InVision.  It allows stakeholders and potential users to see the details of how an application will look, feel, and flow.  We often use these prototypes to quickly test the concept of the solution as well as the basic usability.  These prototypes are all about speed and iteration. 
  2. Functional Prototypes - These prototypes go to the next level of interaction.  This may mean testing UI animations with tools like Principle, or building out front-end browser application with fake data. The end goal is the same.  Start testing a slightly more realistic experience in a live interface.  The results are often similar with a few less questions from the testers.  

Prototyping is the best way to test any new solution.  If you’re ready to explore testing potential solutions to the problems you are solving, lets set up a Strategy and Alignment session today!

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