Results-based Culture

Our environment is built on autonomy, learning, and purpose. From the initial interview process to being a Crema veteran, each team member is given the support and autonomy they need to learn and grow as employees and as individuals. This is why our company practices a Results-Based Culture; to focus our team’s energy and dedication on results and learning rather than solely on billable hours.

Our philosophy is that our team members know when they are most creative and productive. For some, that may mean an 8 to 5 routine, whereas others reach their highest capacity for innovation at 1 o'clock in the morning. The products we deliver to our clients are innovative because we have a talented group that has the freedom to create when they are at their best. Our team members are able to work in a place and time that best suits their unique schedule. In short, we believe in transforming our culture, externally and internally.

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