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Product Design

Design the world in which we live, work and play.

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A bunch of roles in one

Many other organizations will break their designers into different roles like UX Designer, UI Designer, Interaction Designer, Interface Designers, Information Architecture Designers, and you get the point. We pour all of those titles into one role: Product Designer. These individuals bring aspects of each of those roles and apply it to your product, taking the concept from whiteboard to sketchbook to Sketch and through to development. They weigh the business goals, user experience, and visual look and craft it into a final design that works.

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Involved from start to finish

We don’t believe in siloing our roles, so we bring Product Designers in to the first strategy and alignment session and keep them involved all the way through to the final launch of your product. They work with the strategists to make sure the designs are in alignment with the goals of the projects, they work with developers to ensure that what is being designed can be built feasibly and quickly, and most importantly they work with you to make sure their vision lines up with yours. If a pivot happens during development, they’re there as well to adjust the designs accordingly.

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Ahead of the curve

Tech moves fast. Staying up to date on the newest design trends, product releases, and product design tools keeps us up to date with whats new in the tech industry. When everyone was still using Photoshop, we switched to Sketch and now we’re looking at the next generation of design tools; adapting them to our workflow to deliver the best results for each project. We watch new technology like AR, ML, Voice Interface, Chatbots, VR, and connected devices to see where these technologies can make an impact for our clients.

Meet our Product Designers

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Aubrey Illig

Product Designer

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Pamela Porto

Product Designer

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Sean Connolly

Product Designer

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Mary Carnes

Junior Product Designer

Common Activities

UX Consulting

Design Sprints

Rapid Prototyping

UI Design

Dev Collaboration

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