Products, not projects.

Projects are for hobbies. A digital product is not a project. It's a series of experiments, wins, failures, iterations and refinements. The process can take weeks, months or years. A great product never stops getting better. Our product engagement models meet clients at the stage that is right for them.

Strategy and Alignment Sprint

A variety of services are considered and customized to each client. Design sprints, market research, tech audit, strategic planning, user experience reviews.

2-Day Strategy Session

1-Week Execution Sprint

Prototype and Validation

Work with a strategy and product team to concept your idea and test it. Weekly design sprints, reviews and usability and/or concept testing validates a concept before investing in a product direction.

Plan out the technical architecture, and product road map, as well as key metrics to prep for early sprints and releases.

2-Day Strategy Session

1-2 Months Design and Testing Sprints

Core Product Release

Lets not call it an MVP (Minimal Viable Product), but instead a 1st release. This may be an internal, private, or public release of your product idea. Core functionality and value with great UX is all that matter here. What do you need to further validate your idea?

This engagement is great for the founder or product owner that is not ready to engage long term.

4-6 Weeks Prototypes and Testing

3-6 Months Agile Product Sprints

Long Term Agile Product Team

A product is not a project. Its a long term commitment to create and support a solution that scales. We think like a startup team for hire. This is a full-stack product team working stand alone or in collaboration with your existing team. A product road map is managed, and releses executed through two-week sprints, daily standups, and sprint retrospectives, storypoint estimations, and velocity measuring.

6-12 Months

2-Week  Sprints

Daily Standups

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