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Tucker Sauer-Pivonka

VP of Product

Leads the alignment of our product development services with our overall business strategy.

About Tucker

Tucker has always enjoyed solving complex problems, even from a young age he would take things apart to understand how they work and put them back together. After graduating and beginning his first job at a marketing agency, he was presented with an opportunity to build a digital product for the first time. He fell in love with this type of problem-solving and decided this was truly where he could provide value in a professional setting. Since then, he’s been a product manager for products in a variety of spaces, ranging from local marketing products to talent-based solutions. Today, he serves on Crema’s executive team with ultimate responsibility over the delivery of our product development services to our clients, ensuring we remain effective across our product and craft teams.

What's Tucker's favorite thing about his role?

"Solving complex problems as a team."

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Tucker Sauer-Pivonka
Tucker Sauer-Pivonka
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