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Agile Coaching

Building a product team is rewarding, but it’s also really hard work. It demands intentionality, discipline, and a clear vision to do it well. Even among the best teams, each group has its unique struggles that hold people back from doing their best work.

Over the years, we've seen and worked through consistent themes in our own teams and those we work with: miscommunication, conflicting priorities and commitments, siloed responsibilities, and a consistent struggle to do the most meaningful work as fires constantly distract from strategic endeavors.

Our agile coaching engagements are designed to understand your product team’s specific situation, consider which aspects of Crema’s approach might be useful, and help your team move into a new and better way of working.

This is intentionally not a training course. Product teams, processes, and dynamics are unique, meaning that successful change requires a more thoughtful approach than one-size-fits-all training programs.

A typical coaching partnership will include:

  • On-site workshops with your team’s leadership
  • Broad team discovery and research to understand the ground-up view
  • Sessions hosted at Crema to observe & absorb our teams at work
  • Team-wide workshops to identify & align around common pain points and potential next steps
  • Ongoing video & call sessions to provide guidance and suggestions for growth and implementation

Embedded in each of these interactions is a nuanced attention to the dynamics & constraints present in your team’s work. It’s not a matter of adopting some sort of Crema Method, but learning from our experience to equip, empower, and support your team in working even better together.


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