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Wearable design and technology build

5 months

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Challenge Accepted

In collaboration with the Garmin connect IQ store, Adidas was looking to connect their miCoach experience to the new Garmin wearables line. The challenge was that the device had a new lightweight javascript operating system called Monkey C. We were pumped to take on the challenge!

miCoach passes the torch to Runtastic

Timing is everything. While we were proud of the experience that we created on the Garmin watch with the miCoach experience, the timing just wasn't right for it to see the world. The Adidas acquisition of Runtastic led to transitioning of miCoach users to the Runtastic platform. A smart move for Adidas, but an unfortunate end to the miCoach Garmin app.

Objectives and goals of the work

  • To rebuild the bootstrapped platform of off-the-shelf technology into a proprietary chat system capable of meeting the demands of their growing business while improving chat performance, scalability, HIPAA compliance, employee efficiency and accuracy, and improved customer experience.
  • All of these improvements would not happen overnight. Our team worked to prioritize the product development process to solve the largest challenges first, while supporting the day-to-day technical operations of growth for ProfessionalChats.
  • Concurrently, the teams needed to ensure that current customers did not lose any sense of value from the system. We worked closely on a transition plan from the old platform to the new, monitoring for performance and creating contingency plans.

— Scott Hansen, Founder of ProfessionalChats

Strategic insights behind the solution

Although much of our design work and technology is protected, there were some interesting insights into why we chose to build the platform the way that we did.

Top design insights and rationale:

  • ProfessionalChats does not employ bots. They are real, empathetic people who are awesome communicators. Their differentiator is superior customer support and experience. Everything from the chat language to the email formatting to clients had to be perfect.
  • Speed and efficiency were important from day one. Our teams understood that the ProfessionalChats team had a strategic roadmap for acquisition and that this new platform was a key part of the overall plan. In an effort to move quickly and at a high quality, we leveraged an existing UI library that provided reusable and customizable components for rapid design and development.
  • During initial strategy and alignment sessions, we saw first-hand how each role at the company would interact with the system. Having visibility into specific desk setups and workflows allowed us to design a system that would maximize efficiency for each type of user.

Top technology insights and rationale:

  • ProfessionalChats relied on a third-party chat service that our new platform had to integrate with. While this did a lot of the heavy lifting, our team had to come up with a cohesive solution that would maximize efficiency of the ProfessionalChats team and deliver accurate information to the right customer as agents switched rapidly between chats. Through testing and iteration, we found a solution that felt seamless between distinct systems and didn’t weigh the platform down.
  • Knowing that the ProfessionalChats platform needed to be HIPAA-compliant, our teams worked closely together and with trusted outside partners to review the data security and storage requirements for compliance. This even included switching to a new chat platform and iterating on the product to fit a new workflow.


An acquisition to remember

In late 2018, ProfessionalChats had been acquired by Portland, OR company Ruby Receptionists.

"The acquisition plays a strategic role in expanding Ruby’s ability to engage with customers through all different channels, including digital and online platforms. The addition of ProfessionalChats allows Ruby’s customers to seamlessly add online chat to their website, Facebook and Google listing." For the full press release, click here.

During this time, Crema continued to serve ProfessionalChats as normal while plans for integration began to form.

Integrating into Ruby Receptionists

After the acquisition in late 2018, Crema began working closely with Ruby Receptionists’ Chief Product and Technology Officer Katharine Nester, as well as their Director of Product Management, Dan Porter. Their goals to integrate ProfessionalChats software into their current platform are still underway.

— Scott Hansen, Founder of ProfessionalChats

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