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Prototype & validation, followed by front-end design and technology build

32+ months

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The Challenge of MSS

Kudelski Security has a legacy of secure products behind their name, with the Kudelski brand going back decades. Their relatively recent cyber security organization was on the rise as an MSS (Managed Security Services) to watch in the market.  MSS providers lean heavily on their partner's suite of products. This allows them to utilize the latest and greatest in security technology to serve their enterprise clients. The challenge is that this then requires that Kudelski clients must navigate a sea of apps to access, tickets to manage, and reports to pull.

In a time of increasing threats and a proliferation of technologies promising answers, Kudelski’s Managed Security Services (MSS) Portal needed to demonstrate key offerings:

  • Beautiful: Is it finely crafted and presented?
  • Functional: does it seamlessly connect different offerings?
  • Robust: is it able to handle heavy customer usage?
  • Flexible: can it meet different consumer needs?
  • Quick: can it respond to customer inputs rapidly?

The existing offering (at the time) required Kudelski clients to navigate a sea of complex cybersecurity applications to pull reports and create tickets from several un-centralized applications. The user experience was unfriendly to say the least. Their global clients, mainly CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers), security managers, and security analysts, needed a centralized portal to understand the status of their Kudelski Security MSS services and overall security posture. That’s when Crema was approached by the Kudelski team to build a better way to interact with relevant security data.

Crema was asked to design, prototype, test, build and deploy a new service called MSS Portal, which took all the different tools their clients had to use and pulled them into one, easy to use centralized tool - with the end goal to make security more effective and remove complexity for the end user. We created a design system that was consistent and clear across every view in the solution, providing valuable insight and depth into their MSS services and security posture across a global client base.

A solution that sells.

After rapid prototyping with the Kudelski team and testing our initial concepts against a team of internal and external stakeholders, we were able to focus the MSS portal experience to a platform that has all the information that’s needed for a use by the Kudelski analyst, client security teams, and administrators alike. All of this without the headache of multiple logins or cluttered product experiences. The product concepts were presented at RSA - a national cyber security conference to validate the need for the tool, and the response was overwhelming that the market wanted this product. Crema was then asked to build and deploy the product, which then released in 2018. Our team focused on the frontend of the experience and collaborated closely with the Kudelski backend & DevOps team in Switzerland on iterative, bi-weekly development sprints.

Objectives and goals of the work

  • To rebuild the bootstrapped platform of off-the-shelf technology into a proprietary chat system capable of meeting the demands of their growing business while improving chat performance, scalability, HIPAA compliance, employee efficiency and accuracy, and improved customer experience.
  • All of these improvements would not happen overnight. Our team worked to prioritize the product development process to solve the largest challenges first, while supporting the day-to-day technical operations of growth for ProfessionalChats.
  • Concurrently, the teams needed to ensure that current customers did not lose any sense of value from the system. We worked closely on a transition plan from the old platform to the new, monitoring for performance and creating contingency plans.

"Kudelski Security offers enhanced usability with an intuitive, well-designed portal. Kudelski Security's client portal has unique features... and the company provides a thorough, transparent implementation process."

In Q3 of 2018, Forester Reports reviewed 10 emerging MSSP's in the market ranking Kudelski among the top two

A platform that's positive, not fear based.

One of the key concepts for the MSS portal was to create an experience that was bright, friendly, and easy to use. Rather than the industry standard that led with a visual of dark and fear-driven, Kudelski was a leader and thinking differently about what a "Portal" could be. These experiences traditionally were boring ways to just link off to other apps. Now, the experience is customized to the Kudelski brand. Having one place for clients to check incident tickets, run reports, and review the suite of apps that Kudelski used to provide their awesome security services made things easier for everyone.

Kudelski Security received its highest scores in the following criteria:

  • business and technical value
  • reporting capabilities (including dashboard and user interface)
  • artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation
  • user experience road map and talent management.

Crema continues to support the product with a maintenance and design retainer.


An acquisition to remember

In late 2018, ProfessionalChats had been acquired by Portland, OR company Ruby Receptionists.

"The acquisition plays a strategic role in expanding Ruby’s ability to engage with customers through all different channels, including digital and online platforms. The addition of ProfessionalChats allows Ruby’s customers to seamlessly add online chat to their website, Facebook and Google listing." For the full press release, click here.

During this time, Crema continued to serve ProfessionalChats as normal while plans for integration began to form.

Integrating into Ruby Receptionists

After the acquisition in late 2018, Crema began working closely with Ruby Receptionists’ Chief Product and Technology Officer Katharine Nester, as well as their Director of Product Management, Dan Porter. Their goals to integrate ProfessionalChats software into their current platform are still underway.

Crema has been a critical part of our incredible success in building, from the ground up, a cutting edge Managed Security business. The designs delivered by the Crema team have resulted in industry analyst recognition as "innovative" and "world class". Our clients appreciate the clear and easy to use portal design as well as the eye catching visual cues. I'm happy to know that when we build a new service or have an interesting idea, Crema is there with the support to make it come to life via our portal.

Alton Kizziah, Vice President, Global Managed Services at *Kudelski Security*

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