AdamsGabbert and Crema Partner to Automate Accounts Payable Headaches and Save Businesses Money

AdamsGabbert and Crema Partner to Automate Accounts Payable Headaches and Save Businesses Money

Nate Olson
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Crema and AdamsGabbert have partnered to explore a new technology concept to streamline accounts payable processes. In principle, the concept can help optimize and automate several processes such as end-to-end invoice processing, data capture/extraction, and purchase order matching.

AdamsGabbert is a top-ranked staffing and consulting firm that specializes in serving large companies with staffing, recruiting, and technology solutions. The technology being developed will directly impact organizations like manufacturers and healthcare entities that find themselves manually keying in 1,000-5,000 invoices per month. “Imagine tracking down 1,000 different emails and keying them into your accounting or ERP system… there’s a better way - software!”, said Stacy Rose, COO of AdamsGabbert.

The result of automating this expensive, resource-intensive work, isn’t just money saved. Our solution can free up employees to put more of their expertise to work and add more value back into their businesses.

“From our earliest days as a company, AdamsGabbert has been an important partner to Crema. They've helped Dan Linhart (CFO) and I craft our earliest mission statement and values for Crema. Working together is not only exciting but a role reversal for our companies!" – George Brooks, CEO

"We are excited to work with Crema, and this project brings us full circle in our relationship. When we decided to hire an external company with the expertise to help us explore a new technology solution, Crema was our first call! ” - Denise Kruse, CEO of AdamsGabbert

The first phase of work kicks off in February 2022 and will include creating and testing a series of robust prototypes with customers, conducting a deep competitive analysis, and business model creation on top of production work.

If you work in a manufacturing or healthcare organization and want to learn more about the product and how you might get an early look at the product, you can contact or for more information.

Last updated
Oct 11, 2023

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