Crema Named a Great Place to Work

Crema Named a Great Place to Work

George Brooks
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Great Place to Work, a global authority on workplace culture, has named Crema a Great Place to Work based on our company-wide employee survey results. The survey took inventory of several key elements necessary for any healthy culture, including intimacy, impartiality, support, collaboration, and communication. This deep analysis of employee sentiment gave our leadership team insight into where we can grow as a company, as well as what’s working well for us.

Each person at Crema actually desires for other teammates to thrive. This means they check in on each other. They share knowledge and perspectives with each other. They celebrate one another. They keep each other accountable. They are transparent and have hard, candid conversations. But not to be right. Instead, they want to get it right – together.  

The team doesn’t expect that someone else will make Crema great. They know that they make it great by helping each other get better together. They protect the interest of the team.

What’s incredible is that this culture has a direct impact our clients. So much so that they actively discuss ways to continue creating safe spaces to improve how we might work better together as a multiplier organization.

Finally, no one micromanages this way of thinking. It’s demonstrated and modeled between each incredible person on staff. When someone isn’t fostering this culture, it is addressed quickly by their peers through accountability to our values. Then they get back up and continue to celebrate working at this incredible place called Crema. How cool is that!

Dan Linhart, Crema’s CFO and co-founder adds:

“We’ve created a team of exceptional people that truly care about and protect the values we all share. It’s truly quite inspiring to work in a culture where everyone embraces the principles that allow us to do the great work we do. And it doesn’t hurt that we all genuinely like working with one another. That’s pretty rare.”

Our team has seen tremendous growth in the last few years, and we’ve had to adapt our structures, disciplines, and postures to complement this adjustment. No matter our increase in headcount, we continue to live out the core values that have shaped Crema over the last 10 years.


Time spent is not an accurate measure of success.

What’s accomplished is what’s most important. It’s a belief that empowers employees to exceed expectations and deliver the best value for clients while continuing to thrive as individuals.


It’s how we produce our best work.

Working as a cohesive team maximizes our ability to partner with clients, create efficiency and remain agile.


Trust is earned and retained.

Earning the trust of our clients is essential as we journey toward the very best solution. Trust among our teammates allows us to remain accountable and lead one another.


We view work as an act of service for the well-being of others.

With our time and talents, we act for the good of clients, community, and one another.

Constant Improvement

We embrace continuous growth.

Self-guided projects and Craft Team collaboration cultivates an environment that welcomes new challenges and improves our people and organization.

We are honored to be recognized as a Great Place to Work and look forward to maintaining this status in the years to come.

I feel so grateful as Crema's co-founder to share in the continued recognition Crema receives a a Great Place to Work. I’m excited to bring more people in to experience what it’s like to work at Crema.

Last updated
Nov 8, 2022

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