Product Team

A product team is made up of multiple individuals with differing skills and perspectives working collaboratively to build a successful product.  We believe that product teams are more effective than departments.  

The outcome of a collaborative product team is to find the most creative approach to a solution.  They do this by considering each angle that their role will bring to the product.  As each role contributes, they must listen to each other, the user, and stakeholders. Finally, they must find ways to consent to move forward with a shared understanding of the outcome needed.  

Product teams remove the “Throw it over the wall” situation. Often, individual departments hand specifications from consultant to design, design to development, development to marketing. What you end up with is the marketing department blaming the consultant for why it didn’t sell well.  Instead, we get these roles in the same room, on the same team, working iteratively through solutions that best bring value.

Our product teams consist of representation from the following:

- Product Strategy

- Product Management

- Product Design

- Development and Engineering

- Quality assurance

We’ll also include client, partners, or contractors in the collaboration process (right in the product team) for the following:

- Marketing

- Customer Support

- Finance

- Product ownership

Interested in working with a product team to bring your idea to life?  Let's set up a strategy and alignment session.

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