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At Crema, we are in the business of people. We believe creativity and innovation can impact the world for the better.

Sprints are the focused duration in which our teams do development work. Sprints can generally last from 1 to 4 weeks; however, we’ve found 2 weeks to be the most effective duration for a sprint.

Prior to a sprint kicking off, our product teams fill a “sprint backlog” with prioritized work they aim to complete in the next 2 weeks. Generally, this work is pre-prioritized by our client and Product Strategist team, based off user and stakeholder feedback.

When the sprint backlog is filled, the product team also establishes a “sprint goal.” This goal sets the vision for the sprint of what the team is working to achieve.

During a sprint, no additional work is added to it. The product team focuses on completing the sprint goal, generally through completing the work in the sprint backlog. Work not completed at the end of the sprint is moved back into the top of the overall “product backlog,” to be reconsidered for future sprints.