User Interface Design

User Interface design is the act of exploring the connection between a User and the Interface. Obvious right?  It is the process of using design software like Sketch to craft the components and layout elements for a product’s UX.

UI design considers a number of factors:  

  • Current design trends
  • Color and style preferences
  • The overarching UX for the user
  • The brand of the product
  • Constraint of the technology platform
  • Use of UI libraries
  • Integration with custom graphic and illustrations
  • Micro-interactions like animations for loading, reveal, or feedback

UI design should articulate all aspects of what will appear on the screen for the user.  It is shared with stakeholders, put into prototypes for early testing, and packaged as a reference tool as development continues.

UI design SHOULD NOT be done in isolation of the development team or the product owner. We believe that iterative feedback loops are crucial to getting early buy-in from the entire product team.  

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