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Option Five brings together industry experts to share insights around product and innovation teams. Hosts and Crema co-founders George Brooks and Dan Linhart dig into the foundations of culture and its impact on employee performance and fulfillment.

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Todd Henry

Founder | Author
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Jeff Gothelf

Author | Coach | Consultant
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Aaron Dignan

Founder | Author
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Richard Banfield

VP of Design Transformation at InVision
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September 21, 2020

59: The Practice of Unlearning

Over the past 7 months, we’ve been forced to unlearn what we assumed was the only way to work and live. In this time, many of us have created new & better habits to adapt to our new situations. Think… what if you kept searching for routines to replace so that you could continue to grow? In this week’s episode, George & Dan discuss how to hone in the skill of “unlearning.” Look within and decide if you possess the humility it takes to let go of practices that might have worked in the past but aren’t beneficial for the future.

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