Tyler HIlker Smiling

Tyler Hilker

Director of Strategy & Design

Ensures alignment between all stakeholders—internal clients, system managers, end-users, and everyone in between—and leads product teams in creating software that creates the maximum level of ROI for our clients and their businesses.

About Tyler

From an early age, Tyler used technology to create experiences. While his grade-school peers were saving Princess Peach, he was architecting residential floor plans & landscapes on his parent’s computer... for fun! Now, drawing on over a decade of multidisciplinary, people-centered design experience, Tyler enjoys helping to develop strategies & experiences that matter to clients, end-users, bottom lines, and everywhere in between. Tyler was previously at a large agency, leading design & customer experience initiatives for enterprise clients like Electrolux/Frigidaire, Sprint, Kashi, American Century Investments, and Bridgestone.

What's Tyler's favorite thing about his role?

"Helping teams/people understand and work through situations to come out better on the other side. Sometimes it’s teamwork or process alignment, sometimes it’s a design or business scenario, but it’s always about bringing more good into the world."