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George Brooks

Co-Founder / CEO

Ensures alignment between all stakeholders—internal clients, system managers, end-users, and everyone in between—and leads product teams in creating software that creates the maximum level of ROI for our clients and their businesses.

About George

A UX designer by trade and an entrepreneur by accident, I’ve spent the last 10 years constantly iterating and tweaking on a beautiful idea called Crema. My background is in digital design and all things User Experience. But more recently, I’ve shifted to creating products and product teams for rapidly scaling startups and Fortune 500 companies.

While growing Crema, I’ve had the pleasure of helping craft health system websites, social networks for auto-parts, small business lending platforms, cyber security evaluation and automation tools, and construction resource allocation software. I’ve helped launch startups at SXSW and have overseen innovation projects as they took hold inside their corporate teams. This wide variety of work has shaped the way we think about product teams. It’s allowed me to see our products and clients grow into multi-million to billion dollar businesses. It’s helped me realize that the best products are built by the best teams.

My passion has less to do with technology--or even design.  It’s really about people.  How do people think?  How do they work?  Why do they do what they do? What makes an absolutely amazing team? How does design and technology play a role in it all?  

I’m convinced that people don’t know what they want until they see, touch, or feel it. It’s the brilliance of test driving a car or trying on clothes, and it’s true for innovative software as well. Design is an incredible tool to show people the possibility of the future, and then to validate that it’s a future that should exist. Tech requires a diverse view of various skills, backgrounds and world-views to to make anything of meaning and value.  

I love telling our story through our YouTube channel, podcast, speaking, and mentoring. I’m most jazzed when people are knocking at the door to work for Crema, and when clients are telling others that our company is the only solution if they want to innovate. 

I’m known for a few things around the office. I can get a bit emotional at holiday parties. I often mix analogies, such as “Shoot for the moon” and “Don’t recreate the wheel”. I think it’s better said, “Don’t recreate the moon”. You get the idea. Also, this bio will have been proofed thoroughly, because I’m better at speaking than writing.

I’m passionate about flourishing people and growing companies. I believe that humble confidence and a willingness to to unlearn our stubborn habits can help us innovate our brands and disrupt our industries before someone else does.

Want to know more? Drop me a line at And please, don’t try to sell me a benefits package or insurance options. Thanks!

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