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If you’ve found the agency that’s the right fit and signed all the appropriate paperwork, it’s time to get started! There are some things you can expect right after the papers are signed, as well as during the life of the engagement.

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What to Expect Getting Started With Your Software Agency
Julie Branson
Nov 22, 2022

At this point, you’ve identified an agency that checks all of the boxes and you want to move forward. The next step is paperwork and logistics, which can be intimidating for a lot of people. We’re going to explain a few different project types and the pros/cons associated with each.

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Project Types & Legal Considerations Once You've Picked a Software Agency
Julie Branson
Nov 17, 2022

Once you’ve identified digital product agencies for your short list, you should compile a list of questions that will help determine whether they have the expertise to match the promise. Arming yourself with questions like the ones below will help ensure that you get the most out of those initial conversations with sales.

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What Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Digital Product Agency
Julie Branson
Nov 16, 2022

If you’ve chosen to hire a digital product agency, the next step is finding the right one. You can always use Google to browse websites, but there are a few other ways to determine agency credibility.

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How to Find a Good Software Agency (Where To Look)
Julie Branson
Oct 25, 2022

As a product leader, you're likely exploring the best possible avenues to make technology effective for you, your team, and your end user. Whether you’re wanting to improve communication, scale, or automate existing workflows, software continues to be a great catalyst for business improvements and digital transformation. In this article, we outline the multiple ways you can approach getting your digital product build depending on your individual needs.

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Understand All of Your Options For Building Custom Software
Julie Branson
Aug 31, 2022

At Crema, we build custom digital products for our clients. They could use off-the-shelf software but choose to create something to fit their specific needs. Every now and then, we get the chance to create tools for ourselves. Here are two examples of lightweight internal applications that were built to meet specific needs at Crema.

Company culture
2 Tools We Built for Ourselves: Why You Should Create Internal Products
Aug 29, 2022

Let’s dive into an important product design principle: feedback. Also called “Visibility of System Status,” we’re talking about the communication between the system and the user. Learn the what, why, and how of feedback in UX.

Software development
System Feedback in UX: A Developer’s Perspective
Aug 11, 2022

By designing a system to learn, not just do, Bill Walsh changed football’s approach to confronting challenges. Those of us in the digital product industry can learn from this unconventional approach, even off the football field. This mindset will help you make decisions in complex situations, give you a greater perspective on your challenges, and remind you that outcomes-driven development — not just delivery — is the most important part of winning whatever game you’re playing.

The First 15: A Product Strategy for Diagnosis & Growth
Tyler Hilker
Jul 25, 2022

Crema has been chosen by Strat Property Management Inc. (SPMI) to help carry out the first phases of a complete digital transformation of their core business processes.

SPMI Partners with Crema to Begin a Complete Digital Transformation
Julie Branson
Jul 12, 2022

On June 21st, Crema was officially ranked as one of Missouri’s Most Outstanding Service Providers for 2022 listed on Clutch.

Clutch Ranks Crema as Missouri’s Top-Performing Software Development Company for 2022
Julie Branson
Jun 22, 2022

For all of the developers out there who feel that their learning has begun to stagnate as their career has progressed. Get some creative tips on how to continue building and learning new skills to prepare for your next big career opportunity.

Software development
How to Avoid Stagnation in Learning for Developers
Jake LaCombe
May 19, 2022

After a degree and 5 professional years as a graphic designer, I shifted my career from graphic design to product design. Read why I did it, how I made it happen, and the biggest similarities and differences between the two disciplines.

Product design
From Graphic Design to Product Design: Why I Switched and The Difference Between Them
Jeremy Murray
Apr 28, 2022
Tyler Hilker
min read

The Better Bets Canvas for Product Leaders

In this article, we talk about a tool we use to help product leaders think more deeply about the problems they face every day. We call it the Better Bets Canvas, based on insights found in Annie Duke's book Thinking and Bets (which you should absolutely go read).

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