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After a degree and 5 professional years as a graphic designer, I shifted my career from graphic design to product design. Read why I did it, how I made it happen, and the biggest similarities and differences between the two disciplines.

Product design
From Graphic Design to Product Design: Why I Switched and The Difference Between Them
Jeremy Murray
Apr 28, 2022

Merging companies is hard. It’s a challenge for culture, brand, and technology. But it can be successful if you’re prepared.

Company culture
Why M&A’s in Tech Often Fail
George Brooks
Mar 15, 2022

Crema & Global Orphan Project have partnered together to bolster the user experience of their CarePortal platform in service of more than 125,000 children in crisis in the United States. CarePortal has empowered more than 38,000 community responders and 3,000 churches to contribute more than $40,000,000 in economic impact to the community. With hopes of scaling to the global market with increased local partnerships, CarePortal is investing in a UX audit to unlock the potential of the platform, improve the accessibility & scalability of the app, and prioritize potential features.

In Preparation for International Expansion, Global Orphan Project Enlists Crema to Perform UX Audit
Justin Mertes
Mar 1, 2022

We've found that different clients aren’t always ready to build and they also don’t know exactly what to do in order to realize a particular opportunity. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into making a great product before you start making the product. So why don't more internal teams do this kind of exploratory work? Plenty of teams do, and it's fantastic. But there are plenty of good, understandable reasons why teams & leaders don't get into this on their own.

Tyler Hilker
Feb 21, 2022

Crema and AdamsGabbert have partnered to explore a new technology concept to streamline accounts payable processes. In principle, the concept can help optimize and automate several processes such as end-to-end invoice processing, data capture/extraction, and purchase order matching.

AdamsGabbert and Crema Partner to Automate Accounts Payable Headaches and Save Businesses Money
Nate Olson
Feb 1, 2022

Occidental Management and Crema are working together to create a fully digitally connected experience across the campus with a human-first approach that will connect Aspiria’s tenants to the robust amenities on the property. The app will offer added benefits by allowing one-step online food ordering, conference center reservations, fitness center classes, and more.

Occidental Management Chooses Crema for Aspiria Tech Partner
Julie Branson
Jan 21, 2022

When running virtual workshops, Miro or MURAL* should primarily be used as a presentation tool rather than a collaboration tool. In this blog, I will unpack why this is my conviction and provide a framework that will equip any facilitator, project manager, or leader of any virtual meeting or workshop to determine just how collaborative to make their virtual whiteboard experience.

Product management
The Dangers of Virtual Workshops (And the Framework That Makes Them Exceptional)
Justin Mertes
Nov 16, 2021

There are scores of lists that compare product management software, outline the essential features of coding pipelines, or rank hardware that promises to make our remote working experiences just a little bit smoother. This is a short list of physical tools about doing the work behind the work; it’s the work that makes the work, work.

Software development
5 Physical Tools of Healthy Product Team Members
CK Hicks
Oct 13, 2021

Imagine the potential of what you could achieve by tapping into the collective genius of your agency partner. How would your business change if you were able to tap into staff that has experience and immersion in other verticals, types of work, and organizations beyond your reach? The best agencies can take this broad experience and match it exactly with the client's needs.

Client resources
Tapping Into Your Agency's Collective Genius

In 2020 our digital product designers set out to create UI screens for their very own app concepts. The twist? They all delivered their designs in one 7-hour workday. The events of the challenge were hectic, but the genius and creativity were abundant. Thus, we’ve made it an annual thing!

Product design
Crema Design Challenge 2.0
Julie Branson
Aug 26, 2021

One of the biggest challenges of paying attention to tech trends is that the world is constantly changing. How do you keep up? Here’s where we suggest you keep your focus. This is our list of the top 10 things you should be watching in 2021 to keep from becoming obsolete.

Software development
10 Areas in Tech You Should Watch in 2021
George Brooks
Aug 12, 2021

Organizations with a high level of UX maturity know that making design decisions based on users’ motivations and data is the best way to systematically meet and exceed customer’s expectations. While UX can be tricky to measure, there are certain behavioral and attitudinal metrics that you can use to set UX KPIs.

Product design
Using KPIs to Track the Value of Design
Pamela Porto
Aug 5, 2021
Julie Branson
min read

Understand All of Your Options For Building Custom Software

As a product leader, you're likely exploring the best possible avenues to make technology effective for you, your team, and your end user. Whether you’re wanting to improve communication, scale, or automate existing workflows, software continues to be a great catalyst for business improvements and digital transformation. In this article, we outline the multiple ways you can approach getting your digital product build depending on your individual needs.

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