Our story.

In the coffee world, crema is the delicious golden layer of an espresso shot that indicates freshness, skill, & quality. George Brooks and Dan Linhart started Crema in 2009, brewing the then-new world of user experience design with a passion to build teams that do amazing work together. Nearly 10 years later, Crema is a digital product studio that’s like the golden layer of digital product development with multiple product teams made up of strategy, design, and development experts. These teams help clients validate concepts & deliver solutions to generate confidence & accelerate business impact.

Founders of Crema

The people.

Laura smilingLaura with a smiley face

Laura Artman

Office Manager

Benson smilingBenson shaking a cocktail

Alex Benson

Product Designer

Nate smilingNate with pancakes

Nate Olson

Senior Business Development Strategist

Neal smilingNeal with sunglasses

Neal Dyrkacz

Application Developer

Andrew smilingAndrew shuffling cards

Andrew Watson

Application Developer

alexa smilingalexa shotgunning a la croix

Alexa Huston

Business Development Strategist

Deric smilingDerix with tape on his face

Deric Mendez

Application Developer

George smilingGeorge thinking

George Brooks

Co-Founder / CEO

Rob smilingRob with a flag

Rob LaFeve

Application Developer

Trevor smilingTrevor blowing bubble gum

Trevor Brixey

Application Developer

Matt smilingMatt talking on the phone

Matt Cole

Technical Director

Gabby SmilingGabby Eating Tacos

Gabby Brotherton

Marketing Specialist

Landon smilingLandon on Zoom

Landon Young

Product Strategist

Hai smilingHai throwing a frisbee

Hai Chen

Product Strategist

Michael smilingMichael working on laptop

Michael Luchen

Senior Product Manager

Sean smilingSean day dreaming

Sean Connolly

Product Designer

Justin smilingJusting with his mini me

Justin Mertes

Product Manager

Mary smilingMary hiding behind a plant

Mary Carnes

Junior Product Designer

Blake smilingBlake drinking coffee

Blake Tarter

Application Developer

nick smilingnick thinking

Nicholas Suddarth

Product Strategist

ashley smileashley smile

Ashley Holbrook

Test Engineer

Luiz SmilingLuiz balancing a ball on his nose

Luiz Chagas

Application Developer

Joel smilingJoel with drawing

Joel Schuman

Application Developer

Scotty smilingScotty fixing his hair

Scotty Moon

Mobile Developer

Tyler HIlker SmilingTyler Hilker Drinking Coffee

Tyler Hilker

Product Strategist

Kaley smilingKaley surprise!

Kaley Ide

Product Designer

Larissa smilingLarissa with video gear

Larissa McCarty

Content Specialist

Tucker smilingTucker with coffee

Tucker Sauer-Pivonka

Product Manager

Aubrey SmilingAubrey riding a fake horse

Aubrey Illig

Product Designer

Dan smilingDan with hair!

Dan Linhart

Co-Founder / COO

Gabi smilingGabi blowing bubble gum

Gabi Dombrowski

Application Developer

Courtney smilingCourtney with an apple on her head

Courtney Johnston von Nieda

Test Engineer

Mandy smilingMandy roaring

Mandy Tadros

Application Developer

Stef smilingStef doing makeup

Stef Enger

Office Hospitality Coordinator

CK smilingCK playing with Star Wars figurines

CK Hicks

Application Developer

Allison SmilingAllison drawing

Alison Renfro

Product Manager

Pamela smilingPamela with an umbrella

Pamela Porto

Product Designer

Kiley smilingKiley reading a book

Kiley Adams

Application Developer Apprentice

We're hiring. Join our team.

Results based culture, competitive benefits, ongoing learning, and in the heart of Kansas City. We’re growing, so come on board!

We don't just write values.
We live by them.

Pyramid of blocks


We desire to build product experiences that move people, solve problems for our clients, and ultimately create measurable value for the customers they serve.

Parallel lines


We believe that a truly great product experience is only as good as the team that creates it. We become an extension of your team and you become an extension of ours.

Radiating circle


We desire to be generous with our time, talents, and efforts to get the right things done for the good of others.

exclamation point


Our team works to earn the trust of our clients and vendors. We don’t take it lightly. At the end of the day, we want to lead our clients to the best possible outcome for their business.

square, triable, circle, purple circle

Constant Improvement

We constantly work to improve ourselves, our product experiences, and our company.